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Category:Architecture and Structures
Subcategory:Home and Surroundings
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Keywords:#desertdispatches, #ospix, Desert Vista - Cinco CA - 2009, Osceola Refetoff, abandoned structure, abandoned trailer, agriculture, alfalfa farm, altered landscape, california high desert, cantil CA, cinco CA, color photography, desert landscape photography, desertscape, domestic, drought, editorial, elmarit 24mm, fixed focus lens, foresaken dreams, framing device, gallery 825, high & dry: dispatches from the land of little rain, horizon, human habitation, human legacy, human trace, kern county, laaa, leica m8, los angeles art association, mojave desert, mopla, prime lens, published, rural, sca project gallery, symmetry, viewscape, viewshed, window series, window view,,
Desert Vista - Cinco, CA - 2009


Normally such a flat, empty horizon would be difficult to find in the Mojave Desert. This view is from an discarded trailer home on an abandoned farm where the earth had been stripped clear for alfalfa production. Things grow slowly in arid climes, so the landscape had yet to be reclaimed by creosote bushes and other drought-resistant flora.

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