Vast expanses of the California desert remain largely defiant to human trespass. While awed by the natural splendor of this rugged, inhospitable terrain, I am drawn to the forsaken remnants of human habitation that lie strewn about like so many forgotten dreams.

Standing in the shell of an abandoned dwelling fills me with both curiosity and sadness. What hardy souls inhabited these isolated structures, and what events led them to abandon their homes? This work seeks to capture the love, faith, hope and despair of these former inhabitants, now gone and forgotten.

Note that these photographs are not composites (combined from multiple images), including only the visual elements present at the moment of capture.

– O.R.


Satellite image of former alfalfa farm in Cinco, CA. The trailers
were razed to make way for a solar electric facility.



Limited edition fine art prints are available for purchase. Prints are typically editions of 20 and come in two sizes: 17x22” and 24x30"/24x36”. Each print is titled, signed, dated and numbered on verso.

Prints are manufactured in-house at Chungking Studio in Los Angeles Chinatown. Papers include Hahnemuhle Fine Art Museum Etching, Museo Silver Rag, and Moab Entrada Rag Natural, and are selected based on tests to determine which material best suits the interpretation of each individual image. These museum-quality, 290-350 GSM-weight papers are exceptionally robust and render outstanding detail.

After a successful print is inspected and approved, a protective seal is applied using a three-coat process that increases moisture, dirt, fingerprint and UV resistance and significantly extends the color-fastness of the inks.

If you are interested in purchasing prints, please contact Osceola at info(at)ospix.com.