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Keywords:Osceola Refetoff, Abandoned PPG Plant - Infrared Exposure - Bartlett CA - 2012, #desertdispatches, #ospix, abandoned stucture, altered landscape, arid, barren, bartlett CA, black & white photography, california desert, clouds, decay, desert landscape photography, desert ruin, desertscape, desolate, drought, eastern sierra CA, elmarit 24mm, forsaken dreams, graphic, high & dry: dispatches from the land of little rain, human enterprise, human legacy, human trace, inyo county, inyo mountains, land artifacts, land management, land use decisions, leica m8, moah lancaster, mojave desert, mountains, owens lake CA, pittsburgh plate glass company, power lines, sky, symmetry, usa,,
Abandoned PPG Plant - Bartlett, CA - 2012

Abandoned PPG Plant - Bartlett, CA - 2012

Infrared Exposure